Mayo experienced a surge in deaths reported to the Coroner last year (2022), an increase of about 20 percent over the figures from the previous year.

That’s according to the Coroner for the Coronial District of Mayo, Pat O’Connor who has made his obligatory annual returns to the Department of Justice recently.

The total number of deaths dealt with by Mr. O’Connor in his district (excluding North Mayo where Dr. Eleanor Fitzgerald acts as coroner) was 1,008.

A total of 720 reports were made to the coroner who directed 184 post mortems and went on to hold 104 inquests.

Almost one fifth of the deaths Mr. O’Connor dealt with were the subject of post mortem examinations and 10 per cent were the subject of inquests.

The majority of the deaths that were reported to him, did not require a post mortem or an inquest.

Coroner O’Connor says the statistics show a significantly higher death rate in his district last year, and has also noted a significant increase in the number of deaths reported to him over the past five years.

Last year, he held the largest number of inquests ever, in his three decades as a Coroner.

This lunchtime Coroner O’Connor spoke to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about the increase in reported deaths in the county...



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