A mental health charity are encouraging people doing ‘Dry January’ to upgrade the challenge to ‘One year no beer’.

Turn2me, a national mental health charity are issuing the challenge for a year of sobriety.

The charity stated that reducing alcohol or cutting it out completely can improve your mental health because alcohol is a depressant, can also make anxiety and depression worse, it can reduce sleep quality, and can heighten stress levels.

According to Drinkaware, 61% of Irish adults report they drink to cope with stressful times.

CEO of Turn2me Fiona O’Malley said “Many people like a few glasses of wine to unwind after a long day but using alcohol to numb emotions or to reduce stress is counterproductive. After the initial relaxing effects wear off, the problems at the root of the stress are still there and may be heightened under the influence of alcohol.”


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