Following the assault with excrement on two Galway TDs at a public meeting in Ballinasloe, earlier this month, both the Oireachtas and the gardai are advising public representative to ensure that they have security in place around themselves, and their staff in constituency offices.

Mayo Deputy Michael Ring has been in politics for decades. Over his long career in public life he has served as a Minister of State, as a TD for the county and both as a county and town councillor.  He says he has stepped up security in his constituency office in Westport over recent months. He insists the safety of his office staff at work is his first priority, followed by his own safety while serving as a public representative.

He is questioning his own attendance at many public meetings, where he says the anger of some members of the public directed at politicians is on occasions over the top and of concern.

The door of his busy constituency office in Westport town, is now closed to the public, anytime that there are not two members of staff present to ensure that the gardai can be called if there is an emergency incident.

Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley called into Michael Ring’s office earlier this week and asked him about how aware he is around safety and security…





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