Medicine manufacturers, including companies producing medicines in Ireland, are getting paid up to four times as much for their products abroad than in Ireland, according to the latest analysis. 

The authors of the Medicine Shortages Index, Azure Pharmaceuticals, have identified that medicine shortages have further worsened in recent days, with the number of medicines now out-of-stock standing at 224, an increase of 12 medicines in seven days.

Among the additional medicines to go out-of-stock in the past week is Tamoxifin which is used to treat patients with breast cancer. 

Azure has analysed the average prices paid for 10 essential mainstream medicines by Irish, UK and European governments and it shows that, on average, the UK and EU member governments are paying twice as much to manufacturers than the comparative prices that the Irish government/industry agreement allows. Some countries are paying up to four times more than Ireland, giving rise to serious shortages for patients here as manufacturers choose to maximise returns through supplying higher price markets. 

Among the medicines is scarce supply here are paracetamol and antibiotics.

Aideen Kenny is the Chief Operating Officer with Azure  Pharmaceuticals and Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley asked her how the shortage of important medicines in Ireland can be addressed...



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