The World Economic Forum have today recognized Coca Cola Ballina as one of the world’s most advanced manufacturers and has been added to the WEF Global Lighthouse Network.

The platform recognizes leading manufacturers that use Fourth Industrial Revolution technologies including Artificial Intelligence and robotics, as well as Cloud Computing and Big Data in order to increase productivity, advance sustainability and build supply chain resilience.

The announcement comes after years of investment to develop a transformation programme at Coca Cola Ballina. The IT infrastructure, teaching and learning programmes are included in invested areas.

This digital transformation and sustainability journey has increased production at the site by 6.8% in 3 years, as well as reducing energy by 29% to bring emission levels back to that of 2011.

General Manager at Coca Cola Ballina, Eraldo Sales said they “look forward to continuing to build on the proud heritage we have developed in Ballina over the past 22 years in our next phase of development.”


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