Treating certain illnesses through a GP or a pharmacist is becoming more difficult, due to a shortage in medicines.

An analysis carried out by Azure Pharmaceuticals found 212 medicines are currently unavailable in Irish pharmacies.

It includes some over-the-counter treatments such as dissolvable aspirin and cough syrups as well as some penicillin-based antibiotics prescribed by doctors.

Sandra Gannon, CEO of Azure, says Ireland is short on supply because we cannot compete with larger countries.

 Midwest News has been speaking to some pharmacists in Castlebar about the demands now on them, as the HSE are encouraging people to stay away from hospital emergency departments, if possible, and to contact GPs – but demand on surgeries is also surging, and so patients are advised to visit their pharmacist for symptom relief.

Ellie McHale the pharmacist at the newly opened Staunton’s pharmacy on Bridge St Castlebar spoke to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about the demands on the health services this winter and the scarcity of some medicines at present….


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