The Clooncundra Heritage Group will launch their report on 'Historical Occupation in the Townlands of Ballinagarha, Clooncundra East, and Clooncundra West', this coming Monday.

The group have compiled the report over six months under the Community Heritage Grant Scheme 2022, and were supported by Mayo County Council.

The report contains details on land ownership , population, settlement patterns, and outcomes of the famine to the area.

A collection of old photographs will also be included in the report as well as a review of the five archaeological sites in the townlands.

Dr Michael O'Connor and archaeologist Ciara O'Connor will speak at the event, and there will also be a display from the Clooncundra community and music group.

The launch will take place Monday November 21 in the Belcarra Community Centre at 8pm.


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