Porters, orderlies and other support staff at Mayo University Hospital have today withdrawn all but emergency services at the hospital in protest over the withdrawal of tearooms, restrooms and general support staff facilities by hospital management.

In excess of one hundred support staff are protesting just inside the entrance of the hospital, since morning, and they say that as frontline staff throughout the pandemic maintaining services, it’s unfair that hospital management has, as of today, locked up support staff facilities to be converted for alternative clinical facilities.

The protesting staff have a sign erected urging the public to support their efforts to have their staff tea rooms saved.

They say they have asked the Work Relations Commission to intervene but to no avail, as yet, and they are now without an area to make a cup of tea or eat a sandwich and they have described the development as a disaster for support staff.

John Loftus is a porter at the hospital and he agreed to speak to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley for all the protesting staff about why they are taking today’s action

Midwest News contacted Saolta this morning to ask for a comment on what is happening today at Mayo University Hospital and why the tearooms/ restroom support staff facilities have been locked up and are no longer available to porters, orderlies and other support staff.

They say they do not comment on staff matters and there is currently an Industrial Relations issue on the site which is being managed.

In the last hour (12.15pm) protesting support staff say they have been informed by hospital management that disciplinary action will be taken against them. 



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