Breaffy Community Council issued a statement to local media this afternoon, signed by the Council’s Chairman Martin Reddington.

In it he states, in part, Breaffy Community Council is the primary community representative body for Breaffy and has always had the wellbeing of the community at heart. We live in the Breaffy community, some of us have been actively involved in other organisations in the community and, as volunteers, we do the best we can.

Over the past few months, we have been aware of some community disquiet with the number of refugees that inhabit Breaffy Woods Hotel. We have been acutely aware that this unease has intensified over the last number of weeks. There has been a communication deficit from the Hotel and indeed from the Government  and in an attempt to allay these fears, we have had various meetings with Breaffy House Hotel management to express our concerns and to seek clarity on the number of people who are in the hotel. 

 We have also been in regular contact with our local TD, Alan Dillon, who has been in constant contact with the appropriate state agencies dealing with refugees on this matter.

We also understand that people were anxious for us to hold a public meeting but without up to date and accurate information, it was not possible to do so .

Today we have received information from the appropriate Government agency responsible in relation to the numbers in the hotel. 

 Total Number of refugees / asylum seekers at the Breaffy facility : 700

480 are from Ukraine, 15% are males, all with families  

220 are in International Protection, of which 17% are males, and all with families 

 Now that we have received these details, we are planning to hold a community council meeting in the near future where any concerns people have can be discussed. 

Representatives from the Community Council have met on a frequent basis with the refugees.

The statement concludes as per our previous communique during the week, we totally dissociate ourselves from a meeting that is planned for this evening (Friday) in relation to this matter. We firmly believe that this meeting will add nothing to this issue.

Tonight’s meeting in the Ivy Towers Hotel has been organised by four named individuals who have invited residents of Breaffy to attend at 7pm, to discuss recent developments at the Sports and Events Centre in Breaffy House Hotel Resort.

Stephen Kerr, Maurice Kerr, Roisin O'Donnell and Kieran Barnicle are those named on the open invitation to residents in Breaffy.

Speaking on Midwest Radio’s Tommy Marren programme earlier this week Stephen Kerr explained why they believe the public meeting is needed. “There has been no public consultation process and no attempt to inform the community about what’s happening. We believe that all Breaffy residents should be given an opportunity to have their voices heard”, he said.



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