The night sky will be lit up tomorrow night at Lough Lannagh Castlebar for the 796 children that are deemed missing from the Tuam Mother and Baby Home.

A large group of volunteers will gather at Lough Lannagh at 7pm and all are welcome to attend, as the names of the 796 children will be read aloud.

There are no burial records for any of these children, despite having records of their births, christening and deaths, and many are believed to be buried in unmarked / sewerage pipes on the grounds of the former Institution in Tuam that was run by the Bons Secours Sisters.

Tuam based Historian Catherine Corless, who first highlighted the plight of these children, and her husband Aidan will attend tomorrow evening’s remembrance ceremony at Lough Lannagh.

The Castlebar Chapel St Gospel Choir and Mayo Orchestra will entertain all those gathered.

Everyone attending is asked to bring a battery lit candle with them to light up the night sky in memory of the children.

Valerie Jennings is one of the main organisers of the event. Volunteers have, in previous years, walked from Islandeady, Castlebar to Tuam carrying lanterns to remember the missing children.

She has been telling Midwest News editor Teresa O’Malley more about tomorrow evening’s event...



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