Breaffy Community Council is totally disassociating itself from a public meeting that is planned to take place this Friday evening.

The meeting has been organised by four named individuals inviting residents of Breaffy to attend The Ivy Towers Hotel, Castlebar, on Friday at 7pm, to discuss recent developments at the Sports and Events Centre in Breaffy House Hotel Resort.

Stephen Kerr, Maurice Kerr, Roisin O'Donnell and Kieran Barnicle are those named on the open invitation to residents in Breaffy.

A large number of Ukrainian refugees are being accommodated at present in the Breaffy House Hotel resort.

In a statement to Midwest News this morning, the Chairman of Breaffy Community Council, Martin Reddington said it has been working tirelessly over the last few weeks working with the Mayo County Council, Breaffy House, local politicians and all refugees in the hotel to bring clarity to the present situation.

“We recognise that there is confusion in the community and hope to be in a position to bring clarity to this over the coming days”.

The statement goes on to express concern that the public meeting planned for Friday evening may be infiltrated by people who do not reside in the Breaffy area and these people may have “ulterior motives that are not helpful at this time”. 

Keen not to heighten tensions or create divisions, The Breaffy Community Council, he stated, “only wish the best for all people involved”.

Speaking on Midwest Radio’s Tommy Marren programme this morning Stephen Kerr explained why they believe the public meeting is needed. “There has been no public consultation process and no attempt to inform the community about what’s happening. We believe that all Breaffy residents should be given an opportunity to have their voices heard”, he said.






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