Fine Gael Councillors locally are seeking a 25% reduction in Local Property Tax at this afternoon’s meeting of Mayo County Council in an effort to support working families.

The party’s whip in the county Cllr Peter Flynn says they believe supporting working families is the right thing to do, particularly as we head into an economically challenging period.

Cllr Flynn acknowledges that whist other costs may be more significant, property tax is the one tax controlled by the Councillors of Mayo County Council.

He argues that reducing this tax will recognise the challenges ahead and demonstrate solidarity with the Mayo public.

Over the last 2 years, Fine Gael, in opposition, supported a 10% increase in the LPT to deliver capital projects and to improve the delivery of services by strengthening the Municipal Districts.

Councillor Peter Flynn told Midwest News that his party colleagues believe that these improvements have not been made and service levels have declined over the period.


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