For the first time ever, minimum rates of pay for people working in the early learning and childcare sector nationally have been agreed and will be paid from next week.

The Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English yesterday accepted proposals for Employment Regulation Orders for the Early Years Services Sector.

The Orders will commence on Thursday next, providing new minimum hourly rates of pay for various roles in the Early Years Services Sector as follows: 

€13.00 for Early Years Educators/ School-Age Childcare practitioners;

€14.00 for Early Years Lead Educators / School-Age Childcare co-ordinators;

€15.50 Graduate Early Years Lead Educators / School-Age Childcare co-ordinators

€15.70 for Deputy Managers;

€16.50 for Managers; and 

€17.25 for Graduate Managers.

More than 70% of staff working in early learning and childcare set for pay increase following the agreement

The pay increases are supported through the Government’s €221 million Core Funding Scheme.

 Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley spoke to Minister English about the new order and put it to him that it is welcome but very necessary if staff are to be retained and recruited into the sector…




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