Everyone, who is eligible, is being encouraged to take a second Covid 19 booster as the HSE starts rolling it out to over 50's next week.

Following the recent NIAC recommendation that a second booster be given to over 50's, 60-64 year old can now make an appointment.

All those aged over 50 will be able to book their jab in the next two weeks.

The booster does not guarantee anyone not contracting the virus, but medical experts say it will prevent you getting seriously ill from the virus.

There must be a 4 month gap between the day you contracted Covid and the receipt of a booster jab, similarly it must be 4 months since your last Covid vaccination.

The vaccines will be available to anyone over 50 by appointment in some GP practices and pharmacies and also in Mayo at the Mayo Vaccination Centre, now located in Swinford, at a facility on the grounds of Aras Attracta.

Jean Kelly, a HSE Vaccination Centre Operational Manager has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley more about the rollout of this second booster to anyone over 50…


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