14 different nationalities are taking part in the 2022 Castlebar International 4 Days’ Walking festival that got underway this morning.

Hundreds of walkers gathered at this year’s HQ, at the Ivy Tower Hotel in Castlebar from 8am this morning and walkers then headed out on three different routes.

Both the 10 and 20km road walks took place along the Greenway between Castlebar and Turlough, and three busloads of walkers headed to Newport to do a ramble that involves crossing diverse terrain  - over road, bog and beach.

It’s the 52nd year of the event.

Midwest News spoke to some of the hundreds of walkers before they set out this morning on the different routes…


Ernie Sweeney of Castlebar met his wife Suzanne on the walks over four decades ago and he was on duty this morning as a steward to ensure the safety of the participants..





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