The Archdiocese of Tuam is aware of reports in relation to what has been described as a “Eucharistic Miracle” in one of our parishes. 

In a statement to Midwest News the Archdiocese say that the Holy Communion is the source and summit of our faith and, accordingly, they treat the Body of Christ with the utmost reverence and dignity.

The Archdiocese also wishes to acknowledge the honesty and integrity of everyone who has commented on recent reports as doing so in good faith. 

However, they say it is equally important to state that what has been reported is not an uncommon occurrence, and so caution should be taken before drawing conclusions at this stage.

For example, sometimes during the distribution of Holy Communion, a Host may accidentally fall on the ground. 

The procedure is for that particular Host to be respectfully removed, placed in water, and allowed to dissolve and this can take some time. 

It has previously been reported from around the world that sometimes the water reacts with the Host causing the water to discolour, or possibly causing a fungus-like matter to develop on the dissolving Host. 

There have also been reports from the United States and the United Kingdom of such Hosts being analysed by scientists. 

The final results are the same, namely that there is a wholly scientific explanation for such occurrences.

Following consultation, and as an expression of the greatest of respect for those who have an interest in this matter, the Archdiocese of Tuam intends to commission a scientific analysis on this particular Host. 

In the meantime, the Archdiocese will not be making any further comment on this issue.