The public are being advised of an 80% increase in callouts by pest controllers to deal with ants this summer.

Pest control provider, Rentokil  says Dublin accounted for the most ant callouts last month (May) - with 25% of all callouts, with the remaining top four counties for ant callouts including Galway (16%), Tipperary (13%), Cork (11%), and Waterford (5%).

Ants are a common summertime pest. While they do not pose the same health threats as other pest insects, they can become a nuisance if an infestation goes untreated. If ants find a food source on a premises, they can lay down pheromones to attract other ants, which can rapidly turn a small infestation into a much large one.

Richard Faulkner, Advanced Technical Field Consultant with Rentokil said: “ A small ant problem can quickly become a much larger one. There are a number of steps which property owners can take to curb the presence of ants, but if in doubt, we would encourage anyone to seek the services of a professional pest control provider.”

Rentokil’s tips to prevent the presence of ants on your premises include:

  • Clear up food and liquid spillages immediately.
  • Sweep up any food crumbs from under your kitchen appliances and units.
  • Store your food in airtight containers wherever possible.
  • If you have a pet, clear away any food that isn’t eaten straight away.
  • Block off entry points for ants by sealing all cracks and crevices around your doors and window frames.
  • In the garden, keep your compost enclosed and make sure all rubbish bins have tightly sealed lids.
  • People can find out more about ant infestations by visiting the Rentokil website.



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