A spokesperson for the North Mayo Pyrite group says they are not yet ready to accept the Pyrite/ Mica redress scheme approved by Cabinet yesterday.

The new scheme could cost the tax payer 3.65 billion euro in total, in light of the present  rate of inflation and the number of homes from additional counties now being impacted by defective blocks.

100 percent redress will be given to homeowners to a maximum value of 420 thousand euro, which includes 25,000 euro for alternative accommodation while works are being carried out.

Around 7,000 homes in Mayo and Donegal are affected by the crumbling blocks.

Condensed pre-legislative scrutiny (PLS) is to now be undertaken on the scheme and the government hopes to close out on the new scheme by the 15th of next month (July).

Martina Hegarty is a home owner in north Mayo whose home is impacted by pyrite, and she is a member of the North Mayo Pyrite Group, a group that has been campaigning for years now to ensure people whose homes are built with defective blocks will get financial compensation to rebuild or correct the faults.

Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley asked Martina if they are prepared to accept yesterday’s Cabinet approved compensation scheme…