There are fears Ukrainian refugees could have nowhere to live in a matter of weeks. It comes as government hotel contracts are expected to come to an end.
A cabinet committee on Ukraine is set to discuss the current situation today, which could reach a 'crisis point'.

It's expected that around 3 thousand 400 people could be without accommodation in six weeks time, according to modelling conducted by Ernst and Young.

The Irish Independent reports that the state currently has over 300 contracts with the likes of hotels, B&Bs, arenas and religious institutes.

There are Ukranian refugees being accommodated at Breaffy House Resort in Castlebar, and in the Great National Hotel Ballina among other locations across the county at present.

While 4,500 people living in student accommodation may have to vacate as the academic year returns.

In response, the government is hoping that 6 thousand private accommodation pledges will come on stream by the end of the summer.

While the local authorities and the department of housing's role will also be discussed at today's meeting.


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