The Government should not consider bringing in draconian measures like those seen in the Covid lockdowns to deal with a fuel crisis.

That’s the strong view of Sligo-Strandhill councillor Gino O Boyle, who says tax cuts on the price of fuel should be their focus over the next 12 months.

The PBP councillor was reacting to reports that people will be ordered to work from home in the event of a major fuel crisis sparked by the war in Ukraine, under secret Government emergency plans.

The Irish Independent reported that the emergency planning exercise was held on the 26th of May between all the major state agencies and the Government.

The high-level planning exercise proposed three fuel supply deficit scenarios, and possible consequences were presented and discussed.

Senior Government sources said that the likelihood of a fuel crisis at the magnitudes discussed at the meeting were "highly remote".

Councillor Gino O Boyle told Midwest News that travel restrictions to ration fuel would not be workable…


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