70 percent of Irish people believe there's a crash coming in the next 12 months.

A new opinion poll shows the country is deeply concerned over the 'cost of living'  - with worries over housing topping the agenda.

In the week when Taoiseach Micheal Martin warned the country had entered a new era of high energy prices - a new poll out today shows the country is dominated by concerns over a cost of living crisis.

A 'Sunday Independent / Ireland Thinks' opinion poll shows a huge majority of people are worried we're hurtling into an economic recession within the next year  - with two thirds expecting their financial position to worsen and 51 percent worried over housing.

Meanwhile more than half believe the outgoing DAA boss should have resigned over the queues at Dublin Airport - with 83 percent holding the Dublin Airport Authority responsible for last week's chaotic scenes.

At 53 percent, Sinn Fein's Mary Lou McDonald is topping the poll for who will be Taoiseach after the next election..  and Sinn Fein's also top of the parties at 35 percent, with Fine Gael down 3 at 20 percent, and Fianna Fail up one at 17.