The HSE is encouraging the public to help protect hospitals and emergency departments over the June bank holiday weekend.

The health service is encouraging people to consider all care options before attending Emergency Departments as they are required by patients who need urgent and emergency care.

This year, hospitals have reported record numbers of patients presenting at Emergency Departments for care and treatment.

This includes a sharp increase in the number of patients who are seen and treated in the ED and then discharged without requiring admission to hospital.

Many of these patients could have been treated at other healthcare services such as Injury Units, GP and GP out of hour services and pharmacies.

As always Emergency Departments will continue to see and treat patients who require urgent and emergency treatment first.

Patients who attend EDs for routine and non -urgent treatment are being advised that they will experience very long waiting times over the coming weekend and into early next week.

The HSE regrets this delay and is asking all to help our staff through a challenging time for our services by:

  • Considering all healthcare options before attending ED including; Roscommon Injury Unit, your GP, Westdoc GP out of hours service and pharmacies
  • Dialling 999 or 112 for emergency care if there is concern for serious illness or injury
  • Continuing to wear face masks and maintaining good hand hygiene practices when attending hospitals
  • Abiding by all infection control measures including visiting restrictions in hospitals and hospitals wards

As always if you or someone else is seriously ill or needs urgent emergency care do not delay going to ED or dialling 999/112 for help.


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