The recent closing off by Bus Eireann of an area that was used by the public for parking at the Bus Depot in Ballina town, is unbelievable and wrong, according to a local councillor.

Fine Gael councillor John O’Hara expressed his outrage at the decision at a recent meeting of Ballina Municipal District.

He claims that there is now no place for people to park their cars in the immediate vicinity of the Bus Station, with the exception of a drop-off area, that accommodates at most two cars at a time.

Aggravated drivers who complained to Bus Eireann about the closing off of the car parking facility  were advised to park down at the Arts Centre, at the river Moy instead, councillor O'Hara told the meeting.

He says that is a ridiculous option and he has called on the Municipal District management to seek an immediate solution to the problem.

Councillor O’Hara argues, not facilitating car parking at a bus depot flies in the face of a government encouraging people to use public transport.

He spoke to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley why he wants action now to ensure people can conveniently park their cars at Ballina Bus station….





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