A radioactive gas affecting 170,000 homes in Ireland is the leading cause of lung cancer in non smokers.

That's according to the Irish Cancer Society, which is urging households and businesses to test their properties for radon.

The Environmental Protection Agency says the last twenty years has seen a 25 per cent rise in homes affected by the gas, with those in the south and west of the country at the highest risk.

Over 350 cases of lung cancer are linked to radon each year - Rachel Morrogh, Director of Advocacy at the Irish Cancer Society, says awareness must be raised to keep people safe...


 170 thousand homes across the country could be hit with a bill of up to 1 thousand euro to protect themselves from the radioactive gas.

That's according to a Fianna Fail Senator, who says installing an underfloor barrier is essential to protecting yourself from radon in high risk areas.

Senator Erin McGreehan says the state is discussing subsidising the cost..