Toy Show star, Galway’s Saoirse Ruane made a generous donation to Ukraine, days before she faces major surgery.

The ten-year-old is set to undergo an operation to remove remove a tumour from her lung today (Tuesday) in what her mother has deemed the ‘fight of her life‘.

Reflecting on Saoirse’s heartwarming Late Late appearance on Friday, Ryan Tubridy told his RTE Radio One listeners yesterday a story he was told off-air by the Ruane family.

They were walking down Grafton Street the day before and Saoirse had said to her mother  “they’re raising money for Ukraine over there, give me some money from my pocket money or my savings”.

‘She asked for €30. What are you doing giving money, that’s a lot of money… She said “they need it more than I do”. 

Ryan said yesterday “I’m sharing that with you because I think the Ruanes believe in the power of us. Good thoughts, good vibes, kindness and wind in the sails essentially”.

Saoirse’s mother Roseanne took to Instagram on Sunday evening to provide an update on her daughter’s battle.

‘The tears rolled down our cheeks as we sat and listened to the risks involved but we have faith in our team and we leave them now to take care of our very special girl.

‘This to us is major surgery so we are very frightened. This to Saoirse is ultimately “the fight of her life”.

‘We ask you to please keep Saoirse in your hearts as we go forward now & take this first step in a long road to keep her where she truly belongs… here with us,’ she said.



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