Counting is underway in Northern Ireland's assembly elections.

239 candidates are contesting 90 seats.

The long process of counting is underway in what could be a seismic election in Northern Ireland.

Sinn Fein is confident they've got the party vote out and hope Michelle O'Neill will become the First leader of a nationalist party to become First Minister

The first results are expected to start trickling in from late lunchtime and early afternoon.

Mayo Sinn  Fein councillor Gerry Murray say he is confident that the Sinn Fein share of the vote will have increased, but he says that may not necessarily increase the number of seats the party will hold in the new Assembly.

He believes Michelle O’Neill could make history by becoming the First Minister, but says that will be a default of the turmoil that the Unionist community has found itself in

Cllr Murray has been talking to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about the likelihood of history being made by Michelle O’Neill in the 2022 Northern Ireland’s assembly elections...




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