Researchers at ATU Sligo are appealing for the descendants of an IRA column to help piece together the county’s Civil War history.

The first archaeological research excavation of an Irish Civil War site has revealed details of how a group of 34 IRA men hid out in a cave in Co Sligo for six weeks in 1922.

A team of archaeologists carried out the excavation in the small cave in the Dartry Mountains - which overlooks Glencar Lake - for over a week.

They have discovered more than 200 artefacts, including pieces of pottery and glass, a boot lace and a pipe.

The excavation aimed to document the hideout and learn more about how it was utilised as part of guerrilla tactics.

Dr Marion Dowd, Lecturer in Archaeology at ATU Sligo told Midwest News that they are still seeking details of 27 of the men who hid in the cave 100 years ago.


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