Minister Eamon Ryan needs to come down to rural Ireland and see how we live down here, that’s the view of Ballina based Fine Gael councillor John O’Hara.

The councillor is angry at any attempt to stop people selling or distributing turf.

He says many in rural Ireland buy a few bags of turf annually for their elderly relatives to heat their homes, and he insists the practice should not be suddenly stopped on September 1st next.

This morning, it’s being reported that rural communities with populations of under 500 people look set to be exempt from new laws banning the sale and distribution of turf.

After a clash with his Government colleagues on the issue, the Environment Minister has said that the ban due to come into force on September 1st will focus on commercial and retail activities.

In an interview with the Irish Independent Eamon Ryan says there has been major misinformation and disinformation that the state would 'arrest your granny for burning the wrong fuel'.

He added that inspectors will 'not be sent out to police the sale of turf'.

However, councillor O’Hara told Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley that the Minister needs to understand better how people in rural Ireland live…

On our Lunchtime News tomorrow, Tuesday, Galway Green Senator Pauline O'Reilly will talk to Midwest News about the upcoming regulations on turbary rights and the Clear Air Strategy adopted by all three parties in Government.



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