MMRT were tasked by AGS to assist with a 23 year old woman who suffered a seizure on Croagh Patrick yesterday.

The MMRT first response team was deployed and the casualty was assessed.

The Irish Coast Guard had also been tasked and it was decided to airlift the casualty to hospital.

MMRT assisted R118 in getting the casualty into the helicopter and the patient was brought to hospital for treatment.

Then at 6pm the team were tasked by An Garda Siochana to assist an 80 year old male who was having breathing difficulties on the summit of Croagh Patrick.

His climbing companions were concerned that he would have difficulty descending the mountain.

A first response team was deployed to assess the casualty followed closely by a stretcher party.

R118 also arrived on scene.

As it happened, the group had managed to assist the man down the mountain and there was no casualty to be found.

Then at 9:40pm the team were tasked by AGS to assist a family group of 4.

Some team members hadn't left base after the previous call and were available to immediately deploy.

Other members came from home to help.

The group on Croagh Patrick, were suffering fatigue and struggling to descend in the fading light. 

Some had had slips and falls although they were not injured.

The first response team carried extra food, water and spare clothes.

All four in the group, were assessed by the first response team and given warm drinks, food and warm clothes.

They were also given head torches as it was now dark.

One of the group, a woman in her late fifties, continued to struggle on the accent and as soon as the rest of the team arrived, she was placed on the stretcher and carried down.

The remaining people in the family, their energy and spirits restored, were able to descend unaided.

The team was stood down at midnight.


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