People in Ballina and in north Mayo should not have to travel to Castlebar to apply for or renew their driving licences, as many have to make multiple trips to ensure all the necessary documentation is in order.

That’s the view of Ballina councillor John O’Hara and he raised the matter at the April monthly meeting of Ballina Municipal District.

He claims the travelling involved is a waste of fuel and flies in the face of the government’s recent advice to cut down on fuel costs by reducing the number of journeys you make.

He added that businesses that employ people in the area cannot afford to be sending their workers to Castlebar every other day wasting time and diesel travelling to and fro.

At the meeting, the Manager of Ballina Municipal District Declan Turnbull provided councillors with details on the number people who had availed of the Ballina office to tax their vehicles last year. 960 vehicles were taxed in the Ballina office in 2021, but Mr Turnbull explained that it is not the local authority that deals with driving licences rather it’s the remit of the National Driving Licence Service  (NDLS)

Nonetheless, councillor O’Hara told Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley that questions need to be asked about the possibility of changing the situation…



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