The number of organ transplants fell over the past two years, as donations and life-saving operations suffered due to Covid-19.

Last year, there were 206 transplant operations, with just 190 in 2020.

Up to 600 people are currently on a waiting list for a new kidney, heart, liver, lung or pancreas.

This week is Organ Donor Awareness Week, when people are urged to get a donor card, or let their loved ones know about their wish to donate their organs, in the event of a sudden tragedy.

23-year old Matthew McNeive from Knock underwent a kidney transplant 12 years ago, but it has now failed and he needs another transplant.

Matthew is a third-level student in Dublin, but currently needs to undergo dialysis several times per week.

He's been telling Midwest News about the importance of organ donation, and the difference it made in his life....


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