It’s a very sad day, and it was completed unexpected locally, when B.Braun Hospicare in Collooney yesterday announced its plans to close it plant in the industrial estate in the town, with the loss of 80 jobs.

That’s according to local Sinn Fein councillor Thomas Healy.

He says the news is a body blow to the Sligo town and its hinterland, as the majority of the workers at the healthcare facility live within a 10km range of the plant.

In a statement to Midwest News B.Braun says its dedicated to providing patients and customers with vital care, services, and products, B. Braun Ireland (B. Braun) is an important partner in Ireland’s healthcare system.

“Regrettably we had to inform employees at our woundcare manufacturing site in Collooney, Co. Sligo, a facility that manufactures woundcare products for international markets, of a proposal to close the site in a phased manner over the next 1.5 years.

 This proposal affects  about 80 employees. The proposed closure is necessary because the volume of production available to the site is too low to make the plant viable any longer. Having exhausted a number of alternative approaches there is no feasible means of increasing production volumes to operate at even a break-even level let alone a level that utilises its full capacity.

We regret the impact of this decision on our colleagues in Collooney, many of whom have worked with us for a long time. We have a great team on site and our immediate priority is to support all affected colleagues through this difficult period. The site is staffed by highly skilled professionals, dedicated to delivering the highest quality woundcare products for international markets. We understand the impact of this proposal on our employees, their families, and the local region and will do our best to support our colleagues and minimise the impact where we can.

Woundcare is a strategically important product category for B. Braun Group and the company will retain in Sligo a specialist Global R&D Unit focused on woundcare.

No other B. Braun operations in Ireland are included in this proposal and all our facilities continue to operate and supply vital healthcare products and services as normal.

Cllr Healy has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley about the impact of the news locally...




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