Mayo County councillors are demanding action from government to address what they insist is an unfair charge being imposed by Irish Water on many farmers in the county.

New water charges for business customers have now been introduced by Irish Water nationally, but the problem the councillors want resolved is the charge per meter that the water company is imposing on farmers with multi meters because of fragment farmland.

Under the new billing system, farmers face a standing charge on every meter on their lands, which could result in significant bills for many farmers in the west.

Councillors instructed council management in December, to write to the government party leaders asking why they were allowing Irish Water to apply multiple meter standing charges and asked that an official from Ministers Dara O'Brien and Peter Burke's department be invited to address the monthly meeting of the authority.

The invites to the two ministers were acknowledged but with no indication as to whether they would be accepted and as yet, the party leaders have not responded.

Councillor Ryan has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley why Mayo councillors will persist with this issue, as he says Irish Water’s new billing system is unfair and inequitable...



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