Since yesterday’s government announcement of an additional Public Holiday this year to acknowledge the contribution of all frontline workers over the past two years, and a once-off €1,000 tax free payment payment for healthcare workers who worked on the frontline during the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been much controversy over who qualifies for the once-off Covid bonus payment.

The definition of who is a frontline healthcare worker that qualifies for the Covid bonus payment is causing debate and argument with many frontline workers convinced that they should, but have not been included.

The government has acknowledged that it is hard to draw the line on what category of workers should be recognised and receive this bonus payment, but insist it had to draw the line somewhere.

GPs, gardai, pharmacists and retail workers are all today making a case for the bonus payment to be extended to them. They do not qualify for the bonus, as it stands.

On our Lunchtime news today Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley was joined by Mayo Fianna Fail Senator Lisa Chambers and Roscommon/Galway Independent deputy Denis Naughten to discuss the controversy.

It was agreed that anyone who put their life at risk to care for hospital patients or nursing home residents should be recognised for their work, but the problem really is who exactly are these people and how the government has defined frontline healthcare workers for a Covid bonus

Teresa began by asking Senator Chambers if she is happy with the definition given so far…



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