It’s frustrating that, just five months out from the beginning of the exam period, and as we enter the third calendar year of this pandemic, we are once again debating the way forward for the Leaving Certificate students.

That’s the view of the Ombudsman for Children, Dr Niall Muldoon.

He says it’s imperative that students are given certainty as soon as possible on the plans for this year’s exam.

He stated this evening that he is fully supportive of the ISSU and the students who are saying that they are not happy with the current plans for Leaving Certificate 2022.

The current Leaving Certificate students have suffered enormously over the course of the pandemic and despite the huge efforts of all the Principals and teachers in keeping the schools open, their education has been hampered since September by forced isolation, sickness and teacher absences due to Covid.

The disadvantage of missing school, teacher absences and no online tuition was not equally distributed and it is impossible to know which students are most affected. Therefore, it is vital, he says,  that the Department of Education and the education partners come together to create a solution that takes these losses into account for all Leaving Certificate students.

The ISSU has called for a hybrid model and this option has to be investigated. All solution focused options that are in the best interests of the children involved must be considered.”


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