Pressure is mounting on the National Immunisation Advisory Committee to approve the rollout of booster jabs for healthcare workers.

It comes as HSE boss Paul Reid warned that 2,000 health workers will soon be out of work with the virus.

According to today’s Irish Mail on Sunday thousands of Covid 19 vaccines will pass their use by date within days, if they're not used.

Concern is also mounting that if the green light isn't given shortly for healthcare workers, originally vaccinated at the start of this year, to get a booster more of them will be absent from work with the virus.

The paper also reports that while residents in Nursing Homes have received their booster...staff have not.

The use of boosters for everyone over the age of 18 - six months after their second jab - has already been cleared by the European Medicines Agency.  So far in Ireland NIAC has only approved boosters for those over 60 and people who are immuno-compromised.