Modh Eile House, the new home of COPE Galway’s domestic abuse services for women and children in Galway, has secured an Irish Council for Social Housing Allianz Community Housing award for 2021.

COPE Galway says all of Galway can take pride in this achievement and that it recognises the importance people locally place on protecting and supporting women and children who experience Domestic Abuse.

The award was made at the Biennial National Social Housing Conference, held by the Irish Council for Social Housing, which took place between the 22nd and 24th of September.

Modh Eile House is on the site of the former Mercy Convent on Forster Street in Galway city centre. 

This former convent, which formed part of the Magdalene Laundry site in the city, was donated by the Sisters of Mercy in 2014.

It offers extensive facilities for children of all ages, with a strong focus on facilitating therapeutic supports to address the trauma of experiencing and being witness to violence in their own homes.

There are office and meeting room facilities where women staying in the refuge receive support, and where support is offered to women who continue to live in their own homes in the community.