Cannibis herb is now the illegal drug of choice among users and sellers in Mayo, according to Mayo Garda Superintendent Joe McKenna.

That has changed since the start of the summer when cocaine was the drug of choice in the county.

At today’s county Joint Policing Committee online ,Supt McKenna said drug detection in the county is similar this year to last year.

Drug seizures in the county so far this year amount to 786, 326 euro.

Figures for drug detection in the county this year and last are similar – with 62 detections for the possession and supply and sale of drugs in the county so far this year, compared to 63 such detections last year.

Simple possession detections come to 186 incidents so far this year, compared to 188 in 2020.

However, despite these figures at today’s meeting, Ballinrobe based councillor Damien Ryan said the drug issue in south Mayo is gone “out of control” and must remain the number one priority issue for the gardai.

He asked for a pilot scheme to address the problem for the south Mayo area. He claimed he is inundated with representations from parents, teachers, and businesses who say the drug issue in the area is “out of control” and is at this point an “explosive issue”.

Ballinrobe based councillor Michael Burke says there needs to be more profiling of people in the area that appear to be living beyond their means, in an attempt to curb the present drug problem in the area.

The Garda Chief Supt for Mayo is Ray McMahon and at today's meeting he said that the drugs unit, working across a wide area is the most effective way to deal with illegal drug detection, and he added that the Mayo Drugs Unit has his full support in the work it is doing.