The Day Care Centres for the elderly in Mayo are not all providing the services they provided pre-covid, and Independent Castlebar councillor Michael Kilcoyne wants to know why and when full services will be restored.

The councillor is a member of the HSE West Forum and he has submitted a written question to next week’s Forum meeting to get answers from HSE management.

He says so many people across the region depend on a Day Care Centre as a life line, and often as their only social outlet, and their closure during the pandemic was very severe on many service users.

Now he says the government is telling us that life is “almost returning to normal”, but yet many of these centres are only providing a reduced service, if any service at all in some cases.

He wants answers from the HSE as to the number of such centres in the county and when they all intend to restore full services. In addition he wants to know are there staffing difficulties and is transport being provided to all Day Care centres in the county.

Cllr Kilcoyne has been outlining his concerns to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley...