Homeowners with pyrite in their homes who have appealed to Mayo County Council to be included in the Pyrite Redress Scheme, have been told they must wait an additional two weeks for a result.

The 20 home owners who had handed in their appeals to the local authority office in Swinford six weeks ago, were told they would have a result today, Tuesday, Sept 21st.

However, yesterday a home owner with pyrite who had handed in their appeal to the council, a day earlier than the group of 20, and was expecting their result yesterday, was told yesterday when they rang the office that the result would be delayed a further two weeks. The North Mayo Pyrite group has now established that the results of all of the appeals are to be delayed for another two weeks.

Barbara Clinton of the North Mayo Pyrite group says it’s a disgrace and suggests that if Mayo County Council cannot complete the appeal process as promised within a specified time period, than perhaps the process should be taken out of its remit.

She told Midwest News that the delay is impacting on the lives and mental health of the homeowners who have had pyrite confirmed in their homes, but have been refused entry to the Defective Block Redress scheme.

Barbara has been telling Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley how homeowners became aware of the delay yesterday…

Midwest News asked Mayo County Council for clarification on the delayed results. In response in a statement the local authority stated Mayo County Council can confirm that correspondence has been issued to appellants confirming a request for an additional two weeks. The appeals committee, which comprises three members, wish to give each of the appeals the careful attention they deserve and as such require some additional time to complete their considerations. It is the intention of the appeals committee to conclude their deliberations as quickly as possible. Mayo County Council wish to apologise to the applicants for the delay in finalising their appeal. The Council is acutely aware of the trauma and stress involved regarding the defective concrete block grant scheme.


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