Tens of thousands of workers across the country are beginning to return to the workplace, as Covid-19 restrictions ease further.

Rules around organised indoor group activities are also being relaxed, while limits on outdoor group activities for participants are being removed.

This comes 18 months after non-essential workers were first directed to work from home to halt the spread of the virus.

People will start to attend work from today, while specific business requirements may commence on a phased and staggered basis.

However, employers must continue to abide by Work Safely Protocols, including maintaining two-metre distancing, wearing masks and ensuring adequate ventilation and hygiene standards.

Organised indoor group activities such as for sport, arts, culture and dance, can take place with capacity limits of 100 people for immunised people.

In circumstances where those attending have mixed immunity, pods of up to six participants will be permitted, excluding adult leaders and teachers.

Multiple pods will be allowed subject to protective measures, with the number of pods dependent on the size of venue and substantial social distance between each one.

Restrictions on outdoor group activities have been removed.


As part of the next easing of restrictions from October 22nd, it’s expected the majority of remaining restrictions will be lifted.

Nightclubs will reopen, restrictions on religious and civil ceremonies will lift and the limits on numbers at indoor and outdoor events and activities will be removed.

Needing a vaccine certificate for access to activities or events will also be removed, with the exception of international travel.

It’s anticipated that self-isolation for symptomatic people, as well as mask-wearing in healthcare settings, indoor retail and on public transport will remain in place after the 22nd of October.