Swinford Golf Club will be closed to all members, visitors & the public from tomorrow for a period of two to four weeks.

During this period there will be no access to the course for golfing or leisure activities except for- Saturday and Sunday September 25th & 26th of September, Sunday the 4th 11th & 18th of October.

Temporary closure of the course is required is to facilitate the felling of the Sitka Spruce plots around the Brabazon Park.

Western Forest Co-Op in consultation with their Health and Safety team confirmed that due to the golf course’s proximity to the tree felling activities and the use of heavy machinery throughout, there would be significant risks to members of the public who access the course and surrounds.

The Trustees accepted the advice of the professionals and must now close the park, including the golf course, for the duration of the works.

This decision to close the park was communicated to the Management Committee of Swinford Golf on Monday the 6th of September.

It’s understood the Sitka Spruce will be replaced with native species such as oak, ash and beech to create a multi-layered & diverse woodland.