On Wednesday next, Sept 8th, the Mayo flag will fly high over city hall in Scranton Pennsylvania, USA, to wish the Mayo footballers well in their effort to secure Sam Maguire.

There is a strong link between north Mayo and the US City, the home place of the present US President Joe Biden, stretching back over many decades.

A large number of people left Mayo and emigrated to the Scranton area since famine times, and over time, the Mayo presence in the city has been well established.

The President of Scranton City Hall and a member of the local council is a man with strong Knockmore links, Bill Gaughan. He is keen to raise the green and red stateside and join in the celebrations and joy Mayo side, for the county’s footballers.

2021 marks the 30th anniversary of the official twinning of Ballina and Scranton.

A close official friendship has built up between both locations since 1991.

Foxford and Straide also have direct links with Scranton and both Foxford and Ballina have erected large banners marking the close links with “Electric City”, as Scranton is widely known.

Mags Downey Martin is the CEO of Ballina Chamber of Commerce and the Manager of Ballina Tourist Office and she’s been giving more details to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley