The new road signage erected overnight on the N5 Roundabout in Castlebar indicating the route to Sam Maguire has been removed this afternoon by Mayo County Council.

Motorists heading out the Dublin road from the N5 roundabout in the county town were since early this morning noticing a new destination on the road signage.

Overnight a road sign reading Sam Maguire has been added to the road signage that already reads Dublin and Ballina.

It’s not known who erected the “official looking” sign, but it is now taken down.

In a statement to Midwest News Mayo County Council say

Mayo County Council has removed the sign  in the interest of Road safety

 In general, signs are not permitted to be erected without permits/ planning permission.

However, for special events like the All Ireland Final, the local authority will not remove signs, provided they are not erected on the roundabout centre, or islands, and do not interfere with vision, are secured properly, and are removed promptly afterwards.

Any signs attached to road signage will be removed as this may cause confusion to drivers, and interfere with road safety.