Mayo will receive a total of €260,000 to support the enhancement of streetscapes and shopfronts in rural towns and villages, as part of a new €7 million national fund

Mayo Deputy Alan Dillon said today’s announcement will provide funding to property owners to improve the facades of their buildings and will be a boost for communities.

The Streetscape Enhancement Initiative is a key part of the government’s  Our Rural Future campaign, attempting to make rural towns and villages more attractive places to live, work and visit.

Projects will include upgrades to building facades, artwork, murals, lighting, street furniture and canopies.

Deputy Dillon says that outdoor dining is here to stay, and through this fund, government want to make sure that people are looking out at vibrant, colourful and welcoming streets in rural towns.

He’ s been speaking to Midwest News Editor Teresa O’Malley..


Eligible works

Eligible works under the Streetscape Enhancement Measure include the following:

  • Painting of building/shopfront in carefully selected colours which will complement the host building and streetscape.
  • Upgrade / restoration of traditional shopfront facades.
  • Murals (to be agreed in advance with Local Authority)
  • Green enhancement of entrances/ terraces with planting
  • Decluttering and repair of shopfronts. (Decluttering can include such works as removing unnecessary signs, flagpoles, wiring etc.)
  • Careful illumination and lighting of architectural features of buildings.
  • Canopies/Awnings complementary to the materials of the shopfront and building (including street furniture).
  • Replacement of signage with traditional wooden fascia with wooden/hand painted lettering
  • Contemporary design Improvements to shopfront window displays and staging.