The Archbishop of Tuam has advised priests of the archdiocese to go ahead and organise baptisms, Holy Communions and Confirmation ceremonies locally from mid-August.

Archbishop Michael Neary's office has confirmed to Midwest News that he wrote to the priests of the archdiocese late last week, advising that the sacraments can go ahead locally from mid-August, while following Covid-19 guidance and protocols.

Archbishop Neary will not be leading the Confirmation ceremonies, as  he has already delegated Parish Priests to administer the sacrament this year.

In his letter to priests, the Archbishop said that, having consulted with the Officers of the Irish Episcopal Conference and the Western Bishops, he's proposing that the celebration of the Sacraments of Initiation proceed from the middle of this month.

Dr Neary said "it's important that the Covid-19 guidance and protocols be followed, that the public health messaging be adhered to during the celebration of the sacraments, and that priests would encourage parishioners to take every precaution outside of the ceremony itself".

A growing number of dioceses are now advising that the Holy Communion and Confirmation ceremonies should go ahead - contrary to public health advice.

Last week, the Bishop of Elphin Kevin Doran was the first Bishop to advise priests to go ahead with arranging the sacraments, while the dioceses of Killaloe, Raphoe, Meath, Clogher and Waterford-Lismore have since followed suit, and the Archbishop of Dublin Dermot Farrell has also written to priests in the Archdiocese, telling them they can proceed with First Communions and Confirmations.







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