Minister Darragh O’Brien now needs to intervene directly in ensuring that the promised report to be published at the end of this month on the pyrite compensation scheme is delivered.

That’s the view of Mayo Sinn Fein deputy Rose Conway Walsh who says that the recently set up group set up by the Minister and  made up of representative of victims of pyrite in Mayo and Donegal and working with Dept officials does not appear to be making the progress required.

The Dail backed a Sinn Fein motion earlier this month calling for 100% redress for victims of pyrite in Mayo and Donegal, and Deputy Conway Walsh says that now that now needs to be on offer.

In addition up to 20 homeowners in Mayo last week received letters from Mayo County Council outlining that despite the homeowners concerns and evidence submitted  - it did not accept their applications for compensation under the scheme.

This morning Midwest News Editor Teresa O'Malley asked deputy Conway Walsh where the whole pyrite saga now stands...





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