The final report has been issued into an aircraft accident in Co Galway last Summer.

On 11th July 2020, the Cessna aircraft with one crew member and one passenger on board was en route from Rathcoole Aerodrome in Co Cork to the Tibohine Airfield in Co Roscommon to attend a "fly-in" in Tibohine.

When the aircraft was close to Loughrea in Co Galway, the pilot noticed that the engine oil pressure was decreasing, and some oily smoke was emanating from the engine, followed by engine failure.

The pilot made a MAYDAY call to Shannon Air Traffic Control to say he was carrying out an emergency landing.

During the attempted landing in a field near Killimordaly, the aircraft hit the ground hard.

While there was no fire, the aircraft sustained substantial damage.

The pilot and passenger suffered multiple serious injuries in the impact, and were helped from the aircraft by two passing motorists.

The pilot was airlifted to hospital, while the passenger was taken to hospital by road ambulance.

The Air Accident Investigation Unit has today published its final report on the accident, saying the probable cause was the loss of control due to stall and wing drop of the left wing at a low height during the forced landing, following engine failure.

There were no safety recommendations issued.