People in the Ballina area are encouraged to avail of the last day of the free walk-in Covid 19 test service, today in the town.

The service is in operation by the HSE at the Stephenites GAA ground since Wednesday and remains open until 5pm this evening (Fri).

It’s for anyone who has no symptom of the virus, but would like to be tested.

There were a number of incidents of the virus in the Ballina area over recent weeks and local Fianna Fail deputy Dara Calleary says the walk-in centre provides re-assurance to anyone who fears that they may have been exposed to Covid 19, but at the same time,  are feeling fine and showing no symptoms.

Anyone who receives a positive result will be urged to self-isolate in an effort to break the chain of transmission of the virus.

Deputy Calleary has been telling Midwest News why it’s important that people avail of the walk –in test service