Councillors in the Westport/Belmullet Municipal District , earlier this week, approved a Part 8 planning to allow the development of 50 local authority houses at Golf Course Rd in Westport to be constructed.

Funding of 11.5 million euro has been secured by government for the development, however, a number of councillors on the authority voted against it.

Fine Gael Councillor Peter Flynn was among the three objectors, on the grounds that he believes affordable housing units should be included in the development.

Cllrs Johno O’Malley and Christy Loftus concurred with that view and they insisted that with so many young couples in Westport who cannot afford to buy homes on the open market, and yet fail to qualify for social housing, that these families need to be accommodated in any new housing estate in the town.

However, council management were quite clear, that what was on the table at the monthly meeting of the Municipal District was to approve or reject, the construction of an 11.5 million euro, 50 unit social housing development at this particular location.

After extensive and heated debate a vote was taken on the matter and approval for the development was secured on a vote of four to three. Cllrs Mulroy, McNamara, Carey and Coyle voting for the development.

Midwest news Editor Teresa O’Malley asked Councillor Flynn why he opposed the building of 50 social housing units in the town?